Elegance of Silence

「Elegance of Silence」Pigment Print


Elegance of Silence EMON FHOTO GALLERY・Tokyo2012



ART GENT Belgium2012

[Elegance of Silence]

That moment becomes eternal.

Saw the cosmos being dyed in the dusk when I thought that no value existed in my life. It was that moment. It all happened in that moment, but that light glittering silently felt like if it was shining my heart.

Now, after becoming an adult, I recall the intimate scenery that is different than that when looking at the cosmos. Scenery, which I thought that I care less, after decades,it has now turned into a scene of preciousnessthat appears as a new image. Those experiences give me a speechless impression, and make me think that true beauty exists within the decaying things and distant memories. Myself when I was once a child does not exist. Yet, from the memories that are being recalled, the child inside me still lives, and everytime when encountering the moment of a cosmos being dyed by sunset, I became capable of being awareof the aesthetic nature of feeling the eternal inside the darkness without showing the entire picture known as the “Elegance of Silence”, a spiritual nature that the Japanese people valued from the ancient times. Thus, like “Noh”, a Japanese tradition including various elements in one move.

When the time comes when it is no longer available, that is, the time to realize that that is what constructs you. Because I went through a time facing pain and sadness, I was able to become aware of the beauty of cosmos. I exist because there was suffering.

I face the cosmos every year to ascertain my existence. I feel the small Cosmo inside little things. I can face it with a new feeling even after looking it any number of times and every year. What one adores can be seen forever. There is always a new discovery.


April 2012