Pigment Print

Edition: 1 AP 2

Solo Show

Exhibiter:EMON Photo Gallery


All beginnings are the ending of something, and the completion of something is also the birth of a new story.

Flower buds are as the stars of the universe.

Blossoming forth into owers; wilting; leaving behind a new seed.

Named after the universe itself, cosmos owers teach us of the strength to persevere with one’ s own evolution in the
face of overwhelming adversity.

Kiiro. 2015

For this series, I considered the inner space within ourselves as a theme for the title, and settled on the name ‘Shard’.

Cosmos flowers bloom in the Japanese autumn. They are in full bloom for only one week out of the year. During this week I photograph them extensively, and the rest of the year is spent creating my artworks.

As my hands move, I find myself excited and surprised about what kind of visions present themselves before my eyes. At these times, perhaps there are even moments when I can rejoice at the new worlds unfolding before me, at the joy of creativity itself, and at the experience of existing as my true self in that moment.

My work is created via a melding of digital and analog elements. The process involves repetitious drawing and deleting, depicting and erasing. The layered elements that form over the photographs are a clutter of remains?shards?left behind after this process of sculpting and carving away. These layers of shards are what finally become the work itself.

The universe I experience through cosmos flowers is one of perseverance; the strength to withstand the beating elements and reach ever upwards toward the light. Sweet, fragile flowers blossom amid the tangled chaos of root and stem, the turbulence of which somehow brings back memories of my childhood. Cosmos flowers taught me the strength to push on and evolve, no matter the adversity. At 30 years of age and with nothing, they gave me the courage to start again. I had never presented any of my art during my twenties, but when I finally found what moved me, what I found to be beautiful, I began to take actions towards making my work public. My encounters with cosmos flowers enabled me to change my life.

Countless shards of light captured by my camera are pieced together using analog and digital techniques into a single artwork.Cosmos, coming from the Greek cosmo, means world or universe. Interpreting the universe in terms of light and dark, the chief motif of this work is to express the heart and mind of my childhood self.








Kiiro. 2015




制作の中では、描いては壊し、描いては壊しの繰り返しです。それは、油絵の塗り重ねの方法論と同じなのですが、いったん描いたものを壊して、その繰り返しで出来た層の厚みの中に残った欠片が、 最終的には作品となり仕上がっていきます。